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Technology is like a wire that runs through our lives. When it works, it connects us to friends and family, power our career, and keep us entertained.Amir Mughal has been offering the latest and greatest premium brand smartphones to Phone enthusiasts in USA. Our 10 plus years of retail experience has enabled us to remain relevant in the mobile retail space.

Our Service

Amir Mughal General Tradinis the company that deals with cell phones. Major goal of the company is to provide quality of service (QoS). The company is providing its best services to customers from past ten years in the field of GSM and CDMA. We are providing wireless technology to meet our customer’s requirement including PDAs, Smart phones and basic cellular phones. Our product undergoes great inspection mechanism and quality control check.

When it comes to prices, we provide best services in market competitive prices that are bearable by both the retailers and dealers.

 We believe in Globalization and have our customer care centers in Dubai, Australia and USA. Company ensures best services should be given to all the customers in order to deal with any kind of delivery as well as technical support issues. Our well trained and scrupulous team is busy in providing customers the best services and resolving their issues. We urge to provide satisfaction to all our customers.

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Office Hours

Opening Times
11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Saturday thru Thursday

Best Quality

We carry best quality products in stock.

Fastest Delivery

We use to ship items on the next business day.

Customer Care

We have a very professional team who takes care of the customer’s concern when they contact us.

Satisfied Customers

Our feedback rating on Souq shows that our customers are satisfied with their purchase from us. We also have our online stores in USA and we have been getting positive responses from our customers about the products we sell to them.