Blackberry earlier called ‘Research in Motion’ is a Canadian smartphones company. Blackberry is the sixth larger handled device maker in the world that function in 91 countries. Blackberry smartphones are known for their excellent e-mail handling and are often thought of as a business-centric devices. Blackberry handhelds actually started out as data-only devices, meaning they could not be used to make phone calls. Early models were two-way pager with full QWERTY keyboards. They were primarily used by the business people to send messages back and forth wirelessly. As compared to the other brands, Blackberry smartphones has its exclusive features in term of high technology. Blackberry was considered one of the most prominent Smartphone vendors in the world, specializing in secure communications and mobile productivity. However, Blackberry has since lost its dominant position in the market due to the success of Android and iOS platforms. Blackberry is struggling to stay relevant in a world dominated by iOS and Android. After years of backing its own Blackberry OS, the company made a decision to make Android smartphones in a bid to grab a small chunk of Smartphone pie it used to dominate.

Today’s blackberry phones are far cry from the early Blackberry devices, as they now all feature color screen display, plenty of software, and excellent phone capabilities. Company has successfully replaced their QWERTY keyboard and multi-touch screen. Blackberry phones are famous among the working-class group of the world. But they do remain true to Blackberry’s root as an e-mail only devices. Blackberry smartphones offer some of the best e-mail handlings you’ll find on a Smartphone.

Blackberry lately launched its own messenger named as Blackberry messenger also known as BBM. Messages sent via BBM are sent over the internet and use the blackberry PIN system. Many service providers allow sign-in to Blackberry messenger using a dedicated Blackberry data plan. Blackberry messenger allows messaging and voice calls between Blackberry, Android, iOS and windows mobile users. Exchanging message is possible to a single person or via dedicated discussion or chat groups, which allows multi blackberry devices to communicate in a single session. In addition to offering text-based instant messages, it also allows users to send pictures, voice notes, and files through a proper secured channel.

Blackberry phones are easily available in Dubai. Some of the authorized dealers like Amir Mughal general trading company ( Based in Dubai, UAE ) provides best Blackberry smartphone price in UAE. They have plenty of Blackberry phones available with the best price all over UAE. Here are some of the Blackberry phone models they are currently selling.

Blackberry Aurora 32-GB LTE Black1,049.00 AED
Blackberry KEYone  32-GB LTE Black 2,459.00 AED
Blackberry DTEK60 32-GB LTE Black1,529.00 AED
Blackberry DTEK50 16-GB LTE Black727.00 AED
Blackberry Priv 32-GB LTE Black949.00 AED

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