Amir Mughal General Trading require details and information necessary to perform certain tasks including:

  • Providing shipment and to ensure the delivery
  • To sort out the issues and to provide customer care services
  • For important legal and court concern policies and agreements associated with law.
  • Against the attempt violating the third party’s right.

The company will not disclose any such information for any purpose other than those mentioned above.

Company will also ask for your personal information in any of the below mentioned case:

  • When the customer purchase or order any product.
  • In case of exchange/return of product.
  • If the customer wants to get the warranty or product repair services
  • Want to contact or directly talk to the customer service representative for various issues.
  • When someone register or sign up for the company’s site or any relatable workshop and wants to take part in any of the contest or surveys related to the company.
  • In case of any suggestion and complaints related to the company or the product.

Customer Care Center: You may be asked to provide your personal information as well as the information necessary to answer your queries like product, delivery, an installation, a billing question plus the customer care representative may ask for your contact number for further file up and future concerns.

Company does have the right to reminisce your information to contact you in the future.