Shipment and Delivery

Items and orders made by the customers will be send on the same day the customer place his/her order but to fulfill the delivery requirement, one or two working days may be taken. Order status will be updated accordingly in case of extra time, if required.

Normal Delivery3 to 5 working days
Advance Delivery2 working days
Fast Delivery1 working day
Personal Take offVisit to our service center anytime


Shipping Guidelines

Delivery Method:

Customer placing order may have options to choose between the deliveries methods being provided. AED 19.99 will be charged for standard shipment. In case of free delivery, standard delivery charges may apply.

 Shipping Time:

Delivery time depends upon the method of shipment you choose.

Working Days: Saturday to Thursday keeping in account public holidays.


* Delivery may be done on weekends in some areas


Processing Time:  processing time depends on the type of product. Information and processing time of the order must be noted.


* Merchandise prices may rise or fall recurrently, company cannot guarantee the price of already delivered product.

hrough Thursday , excluding public holidays.


* In some areas, weekend delivery is offered for major items.


Processing Time: Varies by product. The order processing time is noted with the product information in your shopping cart.


* Please note that prices change frequently, and we cannot offer price protection on any product that has already been shipped to you